What Is Streamer Inu About?

  1. Mission: Streamer inu was created for one primary goal - becoming the face of streamers in the crypto space by creating tools to help their careers by maximizing their earnings and visibility.

  2. Transparency & Credibility: Streamer Inu’s team will continue to purse every opprotunity to provide transperancy to it’s investors and streamers to earn their trust and prove this is a worthwhile & safe investment, we are audited and established an LLC in Dubai by the name - Streamers United LLC - FZ.

  3. Mainstream Adoption: Steadily becoming one of the driving forces for crypto adoption worldwide, Streamer Inu uses the power of media & Web 3.0 to spread the word of a crypto coin that isn't motivated by greed, but rather fueled by the power of perspective and empathy.

  4. Decentralization is Superior: Regardless of how much streamers earn per month, all major streaming platforms get a huge cut of their revenue (up to 70%), leaving the streamers with not much to live on or improve their stream, where as crypto payments are superior because streamers end up with 100% of revenue.

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