🎧Market Problems

  • More People Have Started Using Cryptocurrency Due To Unjust Restrictions From Traditional Banks.

  • E-Sports Have Been Struggling To Keep People In Stadiums And Have Migrated To Streaming To Broadcast Their Tournaments.

  • Entertainment In Physical Locations, Whether Talk Shows Or Cinema, Have Also Taken A Hit And Have Been Forced To Go Online To Broadcast Their Content.

  • Streamers All Over The World Are Streaming Their Content 24/7 With Very Little Pay Even Though They Are Becoming The World’s Number #1 Destination.

Because Of The Current Problems Facing The World, The Number Of Streamers And Crypto Users Have Increased Significantly. Yet There Is No Connection Or Bridge Between Streamers And Crypto. This Is Where Streamer Inu Comes In. Streamer Inu Is Aiming To Create The #1 Streaming Collective In The World And Bridge The World Of Streaming With The World Of Crypto.

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